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During the early years 1850 to 1870, many German and Irish immigrants came from their oppressed homeland to the new world.  These pioneer families formed what was soon to be the parish of St. Joseph Church, Preston.

Fr. Patrick C. Kenny, who had been pastor of Sabula, became the first pastor of St. Joseph Church. The first Mass in the community was offered in the home of Mike Mahor in1881; the first church was built in 1882.

The first Preston pastors cared for both Preston and Sabula until 1893.  Then, for almost a century, each of the two southeastern Jackson County parishes had its own pastor.  Rev. Patrick Malloy was pastor when work began in 1920 on the brick church building. In 1982, construction started on a complete parish facility under the direction of Rev. Mel Hermann. It was dedicated on Nov. 27, 1983 by Archbishop Byrne at a cost of $1.2 million.

With the advent of the diminishing number of priests in the Archdiocese, the pastor at St. Joseph, in 2007, was shared with the Catholic parishes at Sabula, Springbrook and Andrew. In 2011, after two of the parishes closed, Preston became linked with the Catholic Churches of Maquoketa and Otter Creek. This was the first time St. Joseph was without a resident pastor. A pastoral associate was hired to help coordinate the day to day activity in the parish.

Today, there are approximately 230 families in the parish. St. Joseph Church has a religious education program for grades K-12 with 170 students attending under the leadership of two coordinators. Each summer St. Joseph and St. John Lutheran Church, also of Preston, conduct a joint summer Bible School Week for students with the help of many volunteers.

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Cognizant of the needs of our brothers and sisters beyond the parish level, St. Joseph gives in many ways. For 25 years the first Sunday of the month loose offertory collection has been given away in outreach to help an individual or group in need. In December 1993 the Knights of Columbus was established in our parish and has been an active force in many areas. In 2011 St. Joseph adopted a sister parish in Haiti of which Sacred Heart of Maquoketa also now helps support. The parish actively participates in the Food Resource Banks' "Sharing the Harvest," an ecumenical program that helps with the agricultural needs of underdeveloped countries.

It is our goal to be a welcoming and vibrant community that brings Christ's presence to our families, community and our world.